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The Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre (MSCC) is the oldest operating Atlantic salmon hatchery in Canada. Located in South Esk, New Brunswick, the facility is only 5km west of the City of Miramichi. The first buildings and ponds were constructed in 1873 and Atlantic salmon eggs were collected for incubation that year. The MSCC has operated continuously since that time growing both speckled trout and Atlantic salmon.

Rearing Ponds in 1997

MSCC School Tour
Hundreds of Students Visit Each Year

In 1997, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans transferred the hatchery and the responsibility for stocking salmon in the Miramichi River to the local community through the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee. This umbrella organization is made up of several conservation groups, corporations, outfitters and guiding associations from the region. The Miramichi Salmon Association, a non-profit conservation organization established in 1953 to lobby for the conservation of the Atlantic salmon for future generations, operates the MSCC on behalf of the Committee.

The Miramichi Salmon Association has renovated the facility into a major center for Atlantic salmon research (not all new pictures are shown).  The priority of the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre is research, while continuing to enhance salmon populations to sustain optimum juvenile salmon stocks in the Miramichi watershed.  Beyond that, the MSCC raises indigenous brook trout enhancement stocks under contract with the Province of New Brunswick and plays a role in educating the public on Atlantic salmon conservation.. 

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Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre - operated by the Miramichi Salmon Association
485  Route 420, South Esk, NB, Canada, E1V 4L9

Phone: 506 622 1781

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