Connie & Paul

Technical Requirements

Connie & Paul consists of the following:

CONNIE Doucet - Vocals, Penny Whistle, Bodhran

PAUL McGraw - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bodhrans


Don Leblanc - Bass, Upright Bass, Fretless Bass

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The Following is the minimum requirements for Technical Equipment:
Raised Platform Stage Approximately 12'w x 20' d
PA System to suit size of Venue
Qualified Sound Technician
Three (3) Mic Stands c/w booms
Two (2) Vocal mics (SM 58 quality or better)
One (1) Instrument mic (Bodhran)
One (1) Bass Amp (OPTIONAL)
Three (3) On stage Monitors with minimum of two mixes
Three (3) DI Boxes (Mandolin, Guitar, Bass)
One (1) On stage AC power outlets
Three (3) Chairs
If Fiddler is added to the group please add the following:
One (1) Mic Stand c/w booms
One (1) Instrument mic
One (1) DI Box
One (1) On stage Monitor
One (1) Chair
For a graphic of our stage set-up check the link below

Connie & Paul Stage Plot Graphic

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