Connie & Paul

Gallery of Photos

Here are some pictures of our live performances...

Canoe ride

A lovely canoe ride down the river.Too bad we're not in the canoe. I have no idea who these people are????? and Why are they on our website???

Miramichi Kitcehn Party

Here's a shot from one of our private Miramichi Kitchen Parties with our friend Melani-line Richard.


A little fun at one of our concerts. No, this isn't Paul's usual head gear!


Our name in lights at the magnificent Imperial Theater in Saint John, N.B.

Princess of Acadia Ferry

A show on the stern of the Princess of Acadia Ferry in the middle of the Bay of Fundy. We even saw some whales that day!

Connie & Paul at Eirinn's Ceilidh

Here we are performing at Erinn's Ceilidh in the Historic Water Street Business District.

Don Leblanc

This is our Bass Player Extraordinaire! Don Leblanc

Miramichi Irish Fest '05

We had a great time at the Opening Ceremonies of the 22nd Annual Miramichi Irish Festival in July '05


This is our friend Melani-Line Richard who is a regular guest at some of our shows.

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