Connie & Paul

Brn, Brn Mo Brn

G    C

From the hills and the glens of Donegal

D                         G

To Liverpool they came

G                         C

Haunted faces with cold and empty hands

D                         G

They huddled in the rain

G                       C

Broken men with untold broken dreams

D                      G

Families on their own

G                           C

Left Erin’s soil and looked towards the sea

 D                               G

For a new place to call home



Em                   Bm   

No one came to bid one last farewell

C                                      G

As the ship pulled from the quay

Bb                         C                              

Like a ghost moving softly through the night

D                             G

The Looshtauk put to sea


Seven weeks they sailed upon the open sea

And fought through wind and rain

A fever held the crew as captives of their ways

Like a heavy ball & chain

But when it quickly spread to passengers below

400 souls or more

The Captain & his mate were left to hold the lines

And turn the ship for shore


When they reached safe harbour anchor was refused

So onward they set sail

And when they came upon a bay of brilliant hue

They put 6 more over rail

The Captain climbed aloft to tether ragged sails

And head for Miramichi

“Drop anchor here or put this ship to ground

We’ll bury no more at sea.”


As waves broke softly on Middle Island’s shores

From Erin’s soil they came

Haunted faces with cold and empty hands

They huddled in the rain

Broken men with untold broken dreams

Families on their own

Left shipmates cold and buried quietly

In graves that lie unknown


Now their ghosts roam softly through the night…


Bròn, Bròn, Mo Bròn





From the album "The Miramichi Kitchen Party" released October 2008 


©2002, Miramichi River Productions SOCAN


Words & Music by

Connie & Paul

May '02

Key Bb


To play along with the CD Capo the 3rd fret.

Brn Brn Mo Brn

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