THE TABUSINTAC WATERSHED ASSOCIATION has been in existence since 1998 with a mission to "achieve and maintain a healthy ecosystem for the Tabusintac Watershed; where a healthy ecosystem includes all environmental, economic and social components related to the watershed."   Our mandate is to:


A)    Encourage the exchange of information between members

B)     Encourage and support member groups in their work towards a healthy watershed

C)    Undertake projects that advance the mission of the Association

D)    Provide a forum for information exchange between government and non-government agencies in the watershed

E)     To educate stakeholders about the Tabusintac Watershed, about its resources, and about appropriate uses of these resources

The Association has succeeded in recruiting a number of partners and volunteers from various sectors including recreational and commercial fisheries, forestry, First Nations, primary producers and the peat harvesting industry.  With their support, we will continue to promote and educate citizens about the importance of our resources within the watershed.

Our Association has undertaken various projects in our ten years of existence.  The Tabusintac Watershed Association (TWA) was one of the first groups in the province to complete the Provisional Water Classification and have since began to implement the action plan set forth in the Water Classification report.   The TWA has also restored, and rehabilitated the aquatic habitat of various tributary brooks and streams of the Tabusintac River. 

Other projects include road stabilization and sediment reduction projects, the implementation and development of Best Management Practices (BMP's) for agriculture and forestry sectors, environmental educational programs for local schools, and a rapid assessment biological monitoring project whose aim was to determine the health of various watercourses in our watershed. The Association has also repaired over 60 malfunctioning septic systems that have had a significant impact on the water quality of the rivers and estuary. 

Since the beginning of our operations, our Association's roles and objectives have been continuously expanded.  Our office now serves as an information center for the residents of the watershed.  We also serve as a mediator between the public sector and the users of the Tabusintac watershed.  To insure that our association remains focused through these changes, we have formulated a formal long-term action plan that indicates our concerns and potential projects designed to address these problems.